Polkadot (they/he)

hate runs in the family #destroy

Hi hello, im Polkadot and i do art! Sometimes i try to write stuff, i do it but you have to pay me 5 dolar to see what i write.

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Higlighs are things that i really like rn <|:)

Probes, satelites and other related instruments
The Mars Rovers <3
Wizards and magic :)

Blaseball (🌞✨🗣🔱)
Undertale and Deltarune
Hollow Kight
Rain World
Outer Wilds

tudo relacionado a: Ordem Paranormal
Infinity Train
The Owl House
17776 and 20020


The Sun Vanished
NeetleBrook/Echo Rose
I Love Bees
Daisy Brown
Pizza Time Pizza dubious arg

i like them and if u know any more plz talk to me abt itI don't know how to solve puzzels tho, i mean i never tried but im not naturally good at itgod plz introduce me to ongoing ARG's


I have a lot of stuff that i spin around in my mind 24/7

Thaumaturge Worldbuild

I have been going at this one for a few years now, very complex but also very simple!

A world where magic has existed since the begening of times, it evolves, it dissapears, it is forgotten and remembered again.
For now the "story" spans twice the length of irl recorded human history. I actual stories in this universe :) check em out

This is just Minecraft

Its literally just a fucked up SMP bc i can and the minecraft lore is :)

I like minecraft lore so much, and i need a story to just chill and relax and make dumb funny stuff up


older one of them all, needs updating asap, still has a special place in my heart

One local dude gets ""accidentally"" on a spaceship, gets sent to earth.
yeah thats it

**Cool Stuff!!!!!!!!!!!

check this pictures out

Have you heard of a web browser link?
astronomy picture of the day
My favorite planet.gif
8 of them